This particular selection of images is a fragment of an evolving and very personal photographic project that I’ve been passionately developing since when I moved to New York City.

All the pictures that are part of this project are finger on iPhone. I take the pictures with my iPhone 6 Plus and I do all the postproduction with the iPhone as well. Usually and mainly everything happens spontaneously while I am moving around the city and a big part of this photographic experience is taking place while sitting on the subway trains immediately after taking a picture. I think I kind of try to frame my emotional reaction to a moment. I play with the original shot just to keep a better memory of my feelings. Because, in reality, I have such a weak and short memory.

This project has been accompanying me during the first months spent in this lively visual city, it has been following all the moods and all the rhythms of my daily life in New York.

About Claudio Napoli

Claudio Napoli was born in Naples, Italy in 1960. Growing up he absorbed his father’s passion for fine arts and photography. Video and photography soon became Claudio’s main passions.
His career has been focused on video and film, starting off in the graphic and motion graphic field for Italian local and national tv channels. During the 90s he left Naples and moved to Rome becoming a partner at Proxima, at the time the Italian leading company for visual effects in cinema. Between 1996 and 2010 Claudio has worked on many important film productions collaborating with directors like Tornatore, Angelopoulos, Parenti, D’Alatri, Verdone, Zeffirelli and Monicelli. He has been nominated for a David di Donatello (the Italian equivalent of the Academy Awards) in the Best Visual Effects category for 6 consecutive years. He won in 2006 for Romanzo Criminale/Crime Novel directed by Michele Placido.
Since 2010 Claudio has been working on more personal projects both in video and photography, while keeping producing motion graphic commercials and corporate videos. Selected by the Department of State for the Diversity Visa Program in 2014 (the Green Card Lottery) he consequently moved from Rome to NYC. He lives in Harlem.

New York Visions #  : Works and price list

Burger & Lobster Restaurant partners with West Chelsea Artists Open Studios to present Burger & Lobster’s annual Art Series this August at Burger & Lobster’s West Chelsea restaurant located, 39 West 19th Street, NYC. The Burger & Lobster’s August Art Series presents a Photography Exhibition featuring works by Cynthia Cincotti, Laurance Hoffmann, Claudio Napoli and David Zimbalist. The photography exhibition is on view August 8-31, 2016.

Event Date: Burger & Lobster’s Art Series, August 8-31, 2016. Location: 39 West 19th Street, NYC


For sales information :  CLAUDIO NAPOLI  (347) 391-9223

Burger & Lobster’s - 39 West 19th Street, New York City

Burger & Lobster’s –   39 West 19th Street, New York City